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Shediac1981: RCMP Shediac Major Crime Reviewed

Moncton MLA Mike Murphy address NB Legislation Assembly

June 2, 1981 Cap Bimet Crime Scene

Major Crime; Shediac Town Police Officer Shot 5 Times

June 2, 1981 Cap Bimet RCMP Major Crime Scene

Police Cruiser Recovered in The Northumberland Straight

Moncton Times & Transcript, Officer Critical
(G.I.S) Shediac RCMP Chief Investigator reports;

Cap Bimet, N.B; Shediac Town Police Cruiser

(G.I.S) Shediac RCMP Chief Investigator reports;
Nothing was found in the Police Cruiser at Cap Bimet

June 2, 1981 Cap Bimet Crime Scene
Police Cruiser in the Northumberland Straight

Cap Bimet; RCMP Major Crime Scene

Shediac; RCMP Cap Bimet Crime Scene

Diver examining Police Cruiser while Ident watches
Shediac refused to pay to air lift the Police Cruiser
So RCMP Major Crime Ident Officer has it halled away 

RCMP Cap Bimet Major Crime Scene
But was it a Crime Scene or a show for the public?

RCMP Major Crime Scene public showing

Crime Scene was not preserved but disturbed
Police Cruiser was towed to a Fire Station in Shediac
Moncton Times: Shediac Shooting
Shediac1981: Stolen Cruiser May Provide Lead
A revolver Investigators say was
used to shot Cst. Bourque was just left 
on the floor of the salt water soaked Police
Cruiser to rust and strangely was not bagged
or sent to any crime lab. However 12 days later
that same revolver was rejected by ident as being to
rusted to send to any crime lab was destroyed by the chief
investigator only 5 months after the officer was shot, why?
Moncton RCMP Major Crime Inspector Huot
Addresses the public in 1984, after Cst. Bourque
was forced to resign from the Shediac Town Police
force when conspiracy to assassinate him failed to
murder him & remove him from police work. At that very
same time and against Inspector Huot's objections, the botched
police investigation was conviently removed from both the Shediac
Town Police Force & the Shediac Detachment of the RCMP called to
investigate this Shediac Major Crime.

Cst. Bourque contacted "RCMP Crime Stoppers"
in the 80's which reported later produced nothing to help
the investigation but RCMP would not co-operate with anyone
outside their spear of influence refusing to help "Unsolved Mysteries",
"CTV-W5" or others who went inquiring to help police solve this now
33 year old Major Crime, so nothing came of it or was done.
Inquiry sought into policeman's shooting
Premier nixes (no) Inquiry into former cop's shooting
List of New Brunswick Premiers who refused to hold
a Public Inquiry into Police Shooting of Cst Bourque;
Who said no to a Public Inquiry in 33 years;
Hon. Premier Richard Hatfield,
Hon. Premier Frank McKenna,
Hon. Premier Bernard Lord
Hon. Premier David Alward
Moncton CBC French News Report
NB RCMP Unsolved Crimes
RCMP Web Page
Bourque, Clarence : Attempted Murder:- File 2008-239460
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